Web Design Grants Wales

If you need help financing a new web site build (or even the sprucing up of an old one) we can help. There are a number of grants available to Welsh Businesses that provide some or all of the costs towards gaining an online presence. But the key to applying successfully for one of these helpful nuggets lies in understanding what the requirements are, and these little details can send you into a spin.

The Welsh Assembly does a very good job of securing funding from Europe to help business in Wales, and the various schemes they fund offer much more than just financial assistance. But the money never lasts forever and once the pot is empty it has to be re-filled, often under a different scheme with different rules and different restrictions. This means that what was available last month might not be available this month. Or if it is, it's called something else or hidden away under obscure funding directives.

We spend many eye-glazed hours learning to understand how these funds are allocated and what your company needs to do to apply successfully. If you're not eligible for one of the main grants we can quickly tell you what you can do next and who to talk to. We'll even help you during the application process helping you to understand what a website can and should be doing for you. The funding itself runs from £1000-£5000 and £5000-£10,000 depending on your conditions.

If you'd like more information, or just want to dive straight in to the application process gives us a call on 02920 552752 or by using our contact form by clicking here. You can also find out more by visitng the Flexible Support for Business website here.