About TouchBrand Web Design

Touchbrand Web Design is a proudly independent Welsh company based in Cardiff where it was founded a decade or so ago. We don't really have a Manifesto or Mission Statement - things change so often in our industry that putting one together would be like herding cats. That said, we do have a set of principles that we steer ourselves by, foremost of which is to produce work that we can be proud of everytime we're asked, and to offer a price that's fair and non-exclusive.

Our independence is very important too. Being a small privately run business gives us significant advantages over more financially influenced companies and it means that we can concentrate on the creative process rather than our cost-down profit-up process. In a nutshell it gives us the freedom to produce what's important to our customers rather than what's important to a shareholder or parent company. It also means we get to stay up late on week days.