Copywriting for Web Design - Cardiff

Comments in praise of some of the most successful websites around today usually include the proclimation "Content is King" or something just as vague. But understanding what gives the bunch of words you put on your website such a praiseworthy accession to the throne is vital.

To have a succesful website you must build enough interest to keep both your human visitors and the search engine compilers like Google and MSN coming back to you. Writing Booker prizeworthy prose alone will banish you to serfdom (have a look at our bit on Search Engine Optimisation services to see why this is).

Optimising your existing text or starting from scratch with fresh, keyword rich content will help strengthen your position through increased visitors and even encourage links to you. Accuracy is everything but if you can do the basics well and and reach a tipping point of enthusiasm from your visitors you might just find that it's good to be the King!