Email Marketing - Cardiff

Email Marketing is essentially using email to distribute your marketing and sales messages. They could include special offers, tips, newsletters or a means of engaging with and enhancing relationships with your customers. What's important is that the delivery is right and the message is consistent and captivating. Get this wrong and you will find yourself at the sticky end of customer retention.

Our email marketing campaigns are designed specifically to enhance that customer relationship. Alluring designs, persuasive messages, and clear understandable tracking systems are what we do well. But the benefits are clear:

  • Low Cost - email has many of the advantages of traditional campaigns but with much lower costs
  • Speed - The ability to move quickly is one of the key things that sets small business apart. The returns are often just as swift
  • Personalised - Focused campaigns are so much more effective, and a lot easier to manage with email
  • Tracking - Everything from how many emails were opened, through to each individual link click can be tracked, meaning you can perfect your techniques and improve performance